Business Appraisals

Patrick Rowan Business Valuations Geelong

Do you know the true value of your business?

Obtaining a business appraisal and knowing the value of your business can assist greatly with growth strategies and help plan your future.

Our Business Appraisal Reports are prepared in Geelong by highly qualified Accountants and assess all aspects of your business and the factors that may affect it moving forward.

When is a business valuation required?

A business appraisal may also be required under these circumstances:

  • Buying a business
  • Selling a business or selling a share in a business
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Business loan applications
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Succession and estate planning insurance

Patrick Rowan & Associates can provide you with a comprehensive Business Valuation Report assessing of all aspects of your business.

The detailed Business Appraisal Report is APES 225  Valuation compliant and includes:

  • Scope & Methodology
  • Business Cap Rate
  • Profit Multiply
  • Premise of Value
  • Business Value assessment and workings
  • Free Cash Flow Factor
  • Client risk & value driver assessment scor
  • All workings and calculations

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