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Funeral Insurance – is it the right product for you?

Funeral insurance, bonds and pre-paid funerals – you need to make sure you’re making the right decision.
Our guest blogger, Julie Spriggs from King’s Funerals, Geelong explains more.

For those who watch day time television there is often heavy emphasis on Funeral Insurance through infomercials. They make it sound very affordable……

But is this the right answer?

Funeral Insurance is similar to car insurance – it is only current whilst being paid, so if you miss a payment through ill health or financial hardship, your “investment” is lost. More importantly, are you insured for enough? Have you insured for ‘Market Price’ – or will your executor find themselves out of pocket?

Conversely, money invested in a Funeral Bond is always maintained in your name – regardless of whether you reach the target amount or not – you can always access your investment for the purposes of a funeral.

Additionally, a Funeral Bond with a pre-paid funeral plan attached is a contract between you and your chosen funeral director. It locks in your choice of funeral at today’s prices, for use any time in the future. The entire cost of the funeral (as detailed in the contract) is covered.

Not only does it provide financial and emotional protection for those left to handle the funeral arrangements, it can give you peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order.

Speak to the team at Patrick Rowan & Associates – Funeral Bonds are not deemed an asset, so you may find it can help minimise your pension entitlements.

Pre-Paid funeral plans are subject to strict government regulations – any payment received by a funeral home will be invested by the funeral home into a capital guaranteed Funeral Benefit Fund.

Julie Spriggs.

Kings, as your Funeral Director can offer their experience and will be able to sit with you in their office, or your home to discuss the various options.

Kings Pre-paid Consultant is available 5 days a week. Give Julie Spriggs a call on 52483444 and she will be happy to arrange an obligation free quote for you.

Louise King Funerals Geelong, funeral insurance, bonds and pre-paid funeralsKings Funderals, Geelong, funderal insurance, bonds and pre-paid funerals