Geelong Accountant Helen Pemberton celebrates 25 years at Patrick Rowan & Associates

Geelong Accountant Helen Pemberton celebrates 25 years

Like nearly everything in life, a career in accounting has its ups and downs. But for Geelong Accountant and Partner at Patrick Rowan & Associates, Helen Pemberton, accounting remains her perfect career choice.

“I love my job,” says Helen who is celebrating 25 years with Geelong Accounting Firm, Patrick Rowan & Associates.

“What you think of an accounting career depends on your personality, working style and life priorities. For me it continues to be the right career path and I am as passionate about my job today as I was on day one,” says Helen.

Helen believes the accounting business is as much about people as figures and number crunching.

“Interacting with clients who have made their businesses successful, is the most enjoyable part of my job. Accounting is a people business, and being able to help them is what keeps it exciting.”

“When I engage with a client I am working with, we become a team. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be a part of achieving someone’s goals whether it be helping someone decipher their financial situation or restructuring a business working through complex technical taxation issues.”

“I’m sure people think that my work must be so tedious but it is quite the opposite!”, laughs Helen.

“Accountants need to understand all aspects of a business to provide guidance to help achieve goals in monetary terms or other lifestyle terms.”

Founded by Mr Patrick Rowan, the accounting firm still retains clients from the initial years helping them overcome a number of economic obstacles such as market downturns, high interest rates and the global financial crisis.

“Helen has always been terrific to work with,” says Patrick Rowan.

“I employed Helen has a young lady just starting out in the workforce.  But what I noticed about her was her ability to communicate. Accountancy is as much about getting the figures right as it is about being a friendly face and someone your clients can consistently rely on and have confidence in.”

With her skill set, Helen quickly built up her own client base. With accounting however, the learning doesn’t stop once you’ve earned your accounting degree and CPA. Over the years, Helen has continued to build her knowledge and now specialises in accounting and business consulting to the medical profession with a large clientele of GPs, Surgeons and Dentists in the Geelong region.

“The ever changing taxation and legislative requirements, keep us on our toes,” says Helen.

Any changes need to be applied to interesting and challenging situations and then communicated to clients on a timely manner and in a way that they fully understand, and this is what Helen excels in.

“The time has gone very quickly,” reminisces Helen.  Here’s to the next 25 years!


“It has been a joy working with Helen Pemberton and somehow all these years have just flown by. 

Helen has always been so patient and positive inspite of my taking nearly all of those 25 years to grasp the workings of “the books”.

We have enjoyed many a laugh together and talked about many other things besides the figures.

Helen is a wonderful inspiration to all women, congratulations on your 25 years at Pat Rowans.”

Lois Skelley, August 2017


“SC Technology Group has been one of Helen’s clients for over 15 years during which we have received exceptional professional and personal service.

Helen’s advice and support has been invaluable during our continued growth.

Helen is always dedicated to the best customer service, goes over and above our expectations in relation to quality and responsiveness to all our business and tax related needs. 

Helen is always approachable and we genuinely feel always has our best interests in mind.

Helen, Well done on your 25 years at Patrick Rowan & Associates.”

Julie Hunter, August 2017