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JobKeeper Updates Announced Friday 7th August, 2020

JobKeeper Updates Announced Friday 7th August, 2020

Some Government announcements have just been made that impact both the current JobKeeper scheme and the recently announced JobKeeper extensions.

Current JobKeeper Scheme
For the fortnight beginning 3rd August 2020, eligible employees now include those who are currently employed, and as at 1st July 2020 they were:

  • employed on a full time or part time basis, or
  • casuals who had been employed for at least 12 months on a regular and systematic basis.

This was previously set as 1st March 2020, so this increases the pool of potential employees who will now be eligible for JobKeeper.

JobKeeper Extension
The recently announced JobKeeper extensions have already been adjusted.
To continue in the scheme beyond 27th September 2020 it was originally a requirement that your turnover be down by at least 30% in the June 2020 quarter and September 2020 quarter compared to the equivalent period the previous year.

That has now been changed to only the September 2020 quarter needing to be down 30%.

Furthermore the extension of the scheme beyond 3rd January 2021 was proposed to require turnover to be down 30% in the June 2020, September 2020 and December 2020 quarters. This has been updated to the December 2020 quarter only.

There will most likely be more changes to the JobKeeper extension requirements before it actually arrives so stay tuned.

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