Patrick Rowan Ladies Luncheon with Kristi Van Es

November 2019 saw us back at the Royal Geelong Yacht club raising funds for Geelong based charity, Offspring.

Kristi Van Es, Offspring Project

Ex Christian College Geelong school teacher Kristi Van Es, gave a moving and passionate presentation on her experiences in India.

Her charity, Offspring believes in fighting for the injustice of sex trafficking that unbelievably still occurs in parts of India.

Restoring those rescued from it and empowering others to stand against it is what Offspring do.

Facilitating the transition from rescue to recovery, Offspring provide a home where women can feel loved, valued and free.

Best described in the words of one of the young ladies –

“When I was younger, my mother was told of a good job opportunity for me in Mumbai. So I went, excited to be able to work and help support my family.

But none of us know that this ‘job’ was in a brothel. It was too late; I was trapped with no way of escaping. I had now become a slave in the hands of others.”

After what felt like forever, I was rescued. I am now one of the very few to be free; you could say, one of the lucky ones.

I have been given the opportunity to be employed, educated and empowered through Offspring. Here I receive the help I need to get back on my feet.”


Kristi’s passion for these women is undeniable.

We opened our hearts and our wallets and raised in excess of $3,000 for Offspring.

Thanks for coming!

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