Patrick rowan raises funds for Geelong's Christ Church Meals Program

Patrick Rowan raises funds for Geelong’s Christ Church Meals Program

Wandering the World, Amazing Stories from Around the Globe

“More walking, less working” was the message at the annual Patrick Rowan & Associates Ladies fundraiser.

Wandering the World co-founder Glenyce Johnson, the former director of Peregrine Adventures, was the guest speaker and spoke of her extensive travels across all seven continents.

She encouraged women to put on their hiking boots and explore more.

But it’s not all about the walking. With plenty of time to reflect, take in the views and make new friends, for most, it’s a life changing experience.

As Glenyce re-lived her journeys to Spain & Portugal, walking the Camino de Santiago, was being silently added to everyone’s bucket list.

Onto Iceland, the land of dramatic extremes with long dark winters and the summer midnight sun. Spectacular glaciers and breathtaking landscapes had everyone captivated.

The journey took us to Japan were travellers wander amongst the cherry blossoms. The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is steeped in ancient tradition, thriving modern cities and natural beauty. The pilgrimage to impressive Sacred Temples had us all ready to pack our bags.

Catering for all ages and all abilities, from children through to people in their 70’s, there’s a walking tour experience for everyone at Wandering the World.

As Glencye showed images of her treks with Louis Armstrong playing in the background, it brought a tear to our eye as we all realised, it really is a Wonderful World.

You can find out more about Glenyce’s walking tours at


Geelong’s Christ Church Meals Program

The Ladies event held at the RGYC included a cocktail networking luncheon and was a fundraiser for the Christ Church Meals Program.

Thanks to Wandering the World, Apt Wealth Partners, Model Behaviour, Chris Mackey & Associates we were able to raise additional funds with a fun silent auction and raffle.

Patrick Rowan & Associates has a connection with Christ Church dating back some time. Ann Rowan, Pat’s wife, help set up the meals program and continued to volunteer for many years.

The Christ Church meals program offers breakfast seven days a week and dinner on a Monday and Wednesday. Those who come for a meal are welcomed regardless of their circumstances. For some, the meal at Christ Church is their main meal of the day; for others it is their only meal.

Approximately 9,000 meals are served every year.

Patrick Rowan & Associates is pleased to support the Christ Church Meals Program.