Geelong Business Excellence Awards David Maddock Financial Planner

What is ‘business excellence’?

Congratulations to Financial Planner, David Maddock from Apt. Wealth Partners for submitting the winning entry in a recent competition held by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

What is business excellence?

‘Business excellence is providing exceptional service to the point where customers/clients are compelled to tell others of their experience as their expectations have been well exceeded due to a culture of excellence.

The business is profitable and growing through business owners and employees being clear of the direction it is going and all stakeholders have bought into the success of the business.

There is foresight to recognise the opportunities and threats which lay ahead and determine how to take advantage of the opportunities and protect the business from the threats.’

David Maddock, Financial Planner

David has won a double pass to the Powercor Geelong Business Excellence Awards just for sharing  his view on business excellence.

Good luck to all the entrants in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards !!

David Maddock accepts his prize from CEO Chamber of Commerce, Bernadette Uzelac at the August After 5 event.

David Maddock Geelong Business Excellence Awards