Self Managed Superannuation Funds


Retirement Planning & Superannuation

Let’s look at how we can, along with Apt Wealth Partners Financial Planners, assist a typical couple wanting to do something to enhance their retirement.

Mike (48) wants to retire at age 64. His wife Jane (49) wants to retire at age 65. Currently, Mike has $260,000 in his Superannuation Fund and Jane has $92,000 in her Super. Along with Jane & Mike we calculated they will need $640,000 in retirement. Which is in line with what the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Retirement standard suggests is required to achieve a comfortable retirement.

Assuming their employers meet their 9.5% Superannuation Guarantee requirements, their Superannuation Fund has net earnings of 4.8% and their salaries increase by 3%, Apt Wealth Partners have calculated that Mike and Jane will have a superannuation deficit of $94,552.

How will they make up this difference to ensure they have $640,000 for a comfortable retirement?

Through salary sacrifice, Mike can make additional contributions of $5,200 per annum. This only equates to $1oo per week.

  • Jane could make a Non-Concessional superannuation contribution of $1,000. This only equates to $19 per week.
  • In addition to her contribution, the government will make a co-contribution.

And just like that, Mike and Jane can retire at 64 and 65 years of age respectively!

Have you considered your choice of Superannuation Fund?

In terms of superannuation you have the option to use a retail or industry superannuation fund or, alternatively, a self-managed superannuation fund.

Our financial planning partners Apt Wealth Partners will review your financial situation and determine the best superannuation option for you.

If a Self-managed superannuation fund is right for you, we will help you set up your own self-managed superannuation fund under a structure that is right for you.

We complete your annual compliance requirements and assist with fund audit compliance, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Where additional financial planning and investment advice is required for your fund then this will be provided by Apt Wealth Partners Pty Ltd.


General Advice Disclaimer

The above information is general in nature regarding superannuation and, in particular, self-managed superannuation funds. The above text does not constitute financial advice provided by either Patrick Rowan and Associates or Apt Wealth Partners (ABN 49 159 583 847 AFLS 436121). It also does not take into account your financial circumstances, needs and objectives. Trustees of self-managed superannuation funds need be aware of the complex legal obligations in managing a self-managed superannuation funds. Any investment advice provided will specifically exclude advice on property including suitably, affordability or location. Before making any decision based on this document, you should assess your own circumstances or seek advice from a financial adviser. The example used is based on current legislation as at 5th September 2017 and is subject to change.