Daleene Kroger, Partner, Patrick Rowan & Associates

Hire on attitude and invest time in your staff

Hiring staff for your small business can be tricky when managing cash flow to pay salaries can be an ongoing challenge. However, surrounding yourself with the best people is one of the keys to business success.

Whilst educational qualifications and demonstrated skills and abilities are needed for many roles, the candidate’s attitude and work style play a major part in choosing the right person for the role.  Most skills can be taught but if the right attitude is not present or if the new employees preferred style of operating is different from your expectations, the likelihood of success will be small.

Consider putting all new recruits on a three, six or even 12 month trial or probationary period. It’s also important to provide regular feedback to new employees during this time about how they are going and to act quickly when things are not working as they should during this period.

Also ensure you have set clear expectations for all roles and provide adequate inductions and training for new staff.   Documenting these discussions and plans is also important in the event that things don’t go as planned and action needs to be taken.

Patrick Rowan & Associates can assist you identify the right person for the job and most importantly help you set goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for each role in line with your overall financial goals.

With a large corporate background, Daleene Kroger has over  21 years experience in finance, management accounting, planning and people management.

Daleene can assist with advice on staff management, employment issues and management advice.

Daleene Kroger can be contacted on T: 03 5221 7655 or E: d.kroger@patrickrowan.com.au