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A Double Celebration: Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s 170th Year and Patrick Rowan & Associates’ 50-Year Milestone

A Double Celebration: Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s 170th Year and Patrick Rowan & Associates’ 50-Year Milestone in Geelong and Chamber Membership

In 1973, a one-man accounting firm was born under the guidance of Patrick Rowan.

From these humble beginnings, Patrick Rowan & Associates (PRA) has flourished into a renowned firm, boasting a dedicated staff of 20 professionals, including five partners and two associates.

Mr Rowan himself continues to play an active role in the firm, contributing his expertise on a part-time basis.

As PRA celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, several long-standing clients have remained loyal throughout the journey, some even spanning three generations.

The secret to PRA’s enduring success lies in its unwavering commitment to its clients. The firm prides itself on actively listening and providing sound accounting advice, including small business cash flow projections and forecasting.

Addressing common concerns, such as understanding where the money has gone, PRA assists clients in comprehending the concept of profit and actual cash surplus, enabling better decision-making.

Moreover, by offering proactive strategies to manage taxation well in advance of receiving the tax bill, PRA empowers its clients with insights to pay less tax.

Daleene Kroger, a partner at Patrick Rowan & Associates, acknowledges the pivotal role played by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce in the firm’s success. She highlights the transformative
impact of the Chamber’s After 5 events, where business networking takes place in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

“These thoughtfully curated gatherings have proven to be game-changers for PRA, opening doors to new connections and potential clients.”

She also praised the Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s commitment to professional development.

“The Chamber’s exceptional Masterclasses provide PRA’s accountants and administrative teams with empowering training opportunities covering a wide range of topics. This commitment to
continuous learning equips the team with the latest industry insights, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their field.”

Patrick Rowan & Associates also embraced a strategic partnership with Apt Wealth Partners, introducing financial planning services to its repertoire. This collaboration expands PRA’s offerings, enabling clients to benefit from comprehensive financial guidance.

As PRA commemorates 50 years of providing excellent financial advice, it stands as a testament to the enduring value of its services.

With a strong foundation built on trust, commitment, and a deep understanding of clients’ needs, the firm looks forward to continuing its journey, supporting the financial success of the Geelong community for many years to come.

Words as appeared in Geelong Times, June 2023

Patrick Rowan & Associates were a proud event sponsor of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce 170th Celebrations at The Pier, Geelong.