Business Partnerships

The Secrets to having a Business Partner

Taking on a business partner for the first time or introducing a new partner into your existing business can be a big step. Suddenly, someone else’s opinions really need to be considered!

Enterprise Geelong recently ran a Business Boot Camp Session with guest presenter Emma Welsh from Emma & Tom’s Food (and Juice).  Emma gave some valuable insights and advice on business partnerships.

Emma and Tom have known each other since they were kids.  Both had corporate careers, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, they both found themselves out of work around the same time.  They took the opportunity to start a business together.

“Sometimes it’s like having a second husband,” says Emma. But somehow their partnership has survived and is now in its 10th year.

Emma’s secrets to having a business partner:

  1. You must trust each other
  1. Respect each others ideas and views
  1. Have a shared vision and move the business in the same direction

Great advice.

Want to discuss introducing a partner into your business further?

Patrick Rowan & Associates are fortunate enough to be a Business Boot Camp Mentoring Partner. Offering a one-hour educational opportunity for small business owners to meet with us to discuss how to grow your business.

All boot camp participants are able to take up the opportunity and Patrick Rowan & Associates are well equipped to offer some Strategic Planning, Structural and Financial advice in this area.

We know all about introducing new people into partnerships to grow and expand a business. Patrick Rowan & Associates has grown from a sole practitioner Accounting Practice to now having four business Partners !

You have until 19th June, 2015 to redeem your voucher. Visit the Enterprise Geelong website for more details.

Contact us to use your Business Boot Camp Mentoring voucher or Tel: 52 21 7655 to make your appointment.